About us

Our value for money and quality focus will never change

Some things change, some things stay the same.

For Johnnos, while our campers have changed and evolved over the last 20+ years, our value for money and quality expectations are still the same.

It’s what we have always committed to ever since Johnnos began in 2000.

And they are our two promises that will never change.

Johnnos campers are well-known around Australia as being tough as nails with their offroad capabilities, while being comfortable  as your home away from home.

It’s their strength and durability that became the backbone of Johnnos campers and the high quality that became expected.

And so an affordable camping solution for families, retirees and couples seeking adventures was born in Johnnos campers.

How Johnnos campers got started

It all started on an adventure, with a soft-floor camper and a man on a mission.

In 2000, Johnnos founder Brian Johnston launched Johnnos campers, giving adventurers more reasons to go camping and experience those hard-to-get-places down an offroad track in a van.

“We wanted more people to experience this great country and get offroad as much as possible without being restricted – and now we have a hybrid van for every adventure,” Brian says.

Johnnos campers have changed a lot in the last 20+ years, evolving from a bulky soft-floor camper to a hard-floor camper to our modern, solid, hard-shelled hybrid pop-top campers.

And our customers love them!

The Johnnos 14ft was the perfect solution for us. Lightweight but with a modern design, nothing like many of the others on the market. Thanks to Brian and the team for making such an awesome product.

– Troy, Qld

Our team has grown as well, with more than 30 staff across Australia and overseas.

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Meet “Johnno”, the face behind the name

On Queensland’s Fraser Coast, you’ll find Johnnos campers founder Brian Johnston hard at work designing and building offroad hybrid campers.

“I love designing and creating,” he says “and I enjoy getting out there exploring off the grid like so many other like-minded Australians do too.

“There’s really nothing else like finding a great spot, setting up camp quickly and enjoying the sunset after a long day on the road.”

Brian sold Johnnos in 2003 after building the successful brand to focus on Alpine, luxury Australian-made campers. But he bought it back again in xxx because offroad campers were missing an affordable, rugged, yet comfortable, hybrid camper that could take them anywhere.

And that’s the essence of a Johnnos camper.

“Santa delivered our Extreme 16 today! I’m Extremely happy with receiving it and the build quality is very impressive. Thanks to all the team members at Johnnos for making it happen!”

– Michael – Johnnos 16ft Owner

Our hybrid vans are for adventure seekers

Johnnos currently produces three campers: The Extreme 14, 15 and 16 offroad, pop-top hybrids.

They offer value for money and a quality, comfortable and capable camper suitable for adventure-seeking couples, retirees and travelling families.

Johnnos hybrid campers include all the creature comforts to make camping easy at that picture-postcard campsite you’ve stumbled upon. They are easy and fast to set up so you can get on with enjoying your trip and down time sooner.

The perfect camper for your next adventure

When you invest in a Johnnos hybrid pop-top camper you receive value for money, quality, comfortable offroad camper, great customer and after sales service and more fun on your next adventures.

Get in touch with us today and find the perfect camper for your next adventure.