What is so great about Johnnos Campers?

Johnnos has a different philosophy from many other camper manufacturers on the market. We focus on using lightweight but strong materials enhanced by the excellent Australian design to produce a Hybrid Camper that is easy to tow and will take you anywhere.

Johnnos has a well decked-out facility in Caboolture, QLD. We have a selection of our campers on display and are open to the public.

They most certainly are. With over 240L of fresh water, 300W of solar and plenty of storage for food and drink, you can stay off-grid for days if not weeks. Not to mention, the Johnnos Campers come with quality suspension and are extremely rugged so they will go wherever you can take them.

The 14’ Johnnos Camper weighs in around 1900Kg with a gross weight (maximum allowable weight) of 2800Kg. The 15’ comes in at 2000Kg and the 16’ at 2100Kg both with a gross weight of 2800Kg

Depending on what you are after our wait times vary, currently, most customers are getting their van delivered within 3 months, some a little less, others a little more. We have stock coming in almost every month so get in touch to find out when the next van of your choice is available.

The perfect camper for your next adventure

When you invest in a Johnnos hybrid pop-top camper you receive value for money, quality, comfortable offroad camper, great customer and after sales service and more fun on your next adventures.

Get in touch with us today and find the perfect camper for your next adventure.